At some point in the last year, the question of "if you could have any superpower, what would it be" came up in my friend group. The answers were fairly standard; some wanted invincibility, and others wanted the power to grant themselves powers (valid)... I, however, desired something very specific, something everyone has thought about, but has been forced to abandon due to biological or (perhaps as we soon find out) societal restrictions.

My answer? The ability to forgo sleep without incurring any negative consequences whatsoever. It's kind of a strange answer (especially compared to the others), but time is the only truly finite resource in this world; Be as wealthy or powerful as you like, time marches on.

This was, of course, just fantasy at the time... Until I watched a video by Tris (the excellent mind behind "No Boilerplate", a Rust focused channel) recite his experience with a 2-month experiment with polyphasic sleep. I found myself rather persuaded to try it out. I will not try and fail to explain it. Watch the video instead!

Now that you are up to speed, I can explain some of the personal choices I made in more detail

The first thing I needed to consider was the schedule I was going to adhere to. At first, Everyman 1 looked promising, reducing my total sleep time by ~2 hours. There are, however, glaring problems, particularly regarding scheduling. E1 demands that I take a nap at around noon, which has two problems.

  1. Not anywhere consistently quiet and dark in my school
  2. Lunch is my primary socializing time; loosing it would be a problem

Other schedules, such as Dual Core 2 were also promising, however, I found the specific timings of DC2 to be non-viable due to the primary core being placed at a time when my home would be bustling.

Realizing that none of the prefab schedules on the website would work for me, I decided to make my own by taking Everyman 2 and shifting it forward by 1.5 hours. My result was the following:

The first nap is placed just before school, and the second just after. Finally! A viable schedule.